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    • Neurology
    • Pain Management
    • Pain Medicine
    • Associate Professor at Ambroise Pare Hospital

    Nadine Attal trained for her MD at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, which she obtained in 1990 (neurology) and obtained her PhD in neurosciences from the Paris VI University in 1994. She specialised in neurology and pain, and since 1996 her scientific research has focused primarily on neuropathic pain. She is associate professor of therapeutics, a member of the U 987 INSERM Research Unit on pain (dir D. Bouhassira) and is in charge of the clinical pain center in Ambroise Pare hospital (Boulogne, France). Dr Attal has authored over 120 refereed journal articles, more than 50 book chapters and coordinated books on neuropathic pain. She recently co-chaired the NeuPSIG (neuropathic pain special interest group of the IASP) guidelines on pharmacotherapy of neuropathic pain. She is a member of the Society for Neuroscience, the IASP, the American Pain Society, the French Society on Pain and the French Society of Neurology. Dr Attal has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the IASP, EFIC and NeuPSIG congresses, has chaired the scientific committee of the last  Neupsig congress in Nice, France (2014) and has served on the NeuPSIG Management Committee. 

    • Pain Medicine
    • Associate Professor; Center for Pain Medicine; Center for Translational Pain Research at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

    I am a board-certified anesthesiologist, pain specialist and clinical research investigator and have developed a unique expertise by integrating my special training in anesthesia, pain management and medical acupuncture into my clinical practice. I have been conducting clinic research for a number of years as Principle Investigator of an NIH RO1 grant and co-PI or co-investigator on a number of other NIH RO1 grants and industry grants. I have also served as a study section member for reviewing NIH grant applications and other agencies such as PSI Foundation, Funding Research & Education of Canada, DOD and Department of Veterans Affairs etc. I have published 36 papers (22 original research and 14 peer reviewed papers and reviews), 20 book chapters, 16 abstract/presentations and developed 8 teaching materials. As the chief editor, I also published two new books entitled “Acupuncture in Modern Medicine” and “Acupuncture in Pain Management”.

    Besides my clinical work and clinical research, I served as the Director of Resident Education at the MGH Center for Pain Medicine for more than 13 years. I have directly supervised more than 100 fellows and many of them have published manuscripts, book chapters with me. I have also supervised and guided many research staff including research coordinators, research fellows, post-doctoral fellows and international physician scientists in the field of chronic pain and acupuncture research. I have served as an oral examiner for Harvard Medical School students and as an examiner of Anesthesia Mock Oral Examinations for residents from Harvard affiliated hospitals. I have been invited to many national and international academic institutions as Visiting Scholar or Visiting Professor. Besides lecturing multiple times at national and international meetings such as APS, AAPM, ASRA, ASA and ISPP, I also have organized a number of symposia and workshops at these meetings.

    During the decades of clinical practice experience, I am integrating my special training in anesthesia, pain management and medical acupuncture into my clinical practice. With my clinical research experience in chronic pain and integrative medicine, I become one of a few physician scientists who have combined expertise in these fields.

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