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    Nephrology Fellow at Brown University
    Nephrology Fellow at Brown University
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    Dr Alseiari is a second year Nephrology Fellow at Alpert medical school of Brown University, Rhode Island. He received his MBBS degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences in India. Following Medical school, he joined South Carolina biotechnology center as a postdoctoral research fellow and worked on the role of microRNA in HIV latency and other retro viruses. Dr Alseiari completed his residency in internal medicine at St Elizabeth medical center, Boston. During his residency he was awarded the Quality Improvement Initiative Award for his work in developing a unique electronic database to track Medicine Department mortality data. Dr Alseiari is board certified in internal medicine. Following residency, he obtained a fellowship in clinical decision making at Tufts medical school. As a fellow at Tufts, he developed simulation models that aid decision-making and assist in framing complex clinical problems based on patient’s values and preferences. Dr Alseiari harbors a keen interest in Transplant Nephrology and an aspiration to contribute to the National Organ Transplant Program in his home country, United Arab Emirates. Besides medical science, Dr Alseiari’s is passionate about innovation and technology. He is an avid computer enthusiast intrigued by technology integration into health care. He wishes to apply his knowledge of computers, aptitude as a physician and analytical skills; in the management of a range of health care problems both simple and intricate. He has been actively involved in rendering advice to healthcare IT startups.
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