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    Director, G2P Research Program
    Director, G2P Research Program
    Robert C. Green, MD, MPH is a medical geneticist and physician-scientist who directs the G2P Research Program ( in translational genomics and health outcomes in the Division of Genetics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Green is internationally recognized for designing and conducting empirical studies in genomic medicine. He led the first experimental trials disclosing common complex disease risk (the REVEAL Study), one of the first prospective studies of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services (the PGen Study) and was lead author on influential recommendations for incidental findings in clinical sequencing from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. He currently leads and co-leads the MedSeq Project and the BabySeq Project, respectively, two NIH-funded randomized trials designed to explore the medical, behavioral and economic implications of integrating genome sequencing into the medical care of adults and newborns. Dr. Green graduated from Amherst College and the University of Virginia School of Medicine, and earned a Masters of Public Health in epidemiology from Emory University School of Public Health. He obtained clinical specialty training at Harvard Medical School and is board certified in both neurology and medical genetics. He has been continuously funded by NIH for over 26 years and has published over 300 scientific articles. He is currently Associate Director for Research of Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine and a Board Member of the Council for Responsible Genetics. Key scientific contributions include publication of the first randomized trials to assess the impact of common complex genetic risk markers, empirical studies describing the medical and behavioral outcomes of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and design of a single page summary for reporting whole genome sequencing to physicians. Dr. Green teaches medical students and mentors post-doctoral trainees and junior faculty in the clinical and research aspects of genomic medicine. Keynote and plenary presentations include the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, Cold Spring Harbor, World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, Human Genome Variation Society, European Society for Human Genetics, the Forbes Healthcare Summit and the World Science Festival. His work has been featured on PBS radio and television documentaries, NBC Nightly News, the Today Show, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Fast Company and other national media.
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