• Colon and Rectal Surgery
    • Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Sandy Fang is an Assistant Professor and Director of the High-Resolution Anoscopy Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Her research interests include colorectal and anal cancers. Her practice is broad and includes minimal invasive surgery in colorectal and anal cancers, benign disorders, such as diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel disease, high-resolution anoscopy, pelvic floor disorders, and anorectal disease.
    • Professor of Biostatistics and Oncology at Mayo Clinic
    Daniel J. Sargent, Ph.D. is the Ralph S. and Beverly E Caulkins Professor of Cancer Research at the Mayo Clinic. He is the Group Statistician for the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, Director of Biostatistics Shared Resource at the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Section Head for the Section of Cancer Center Statistics at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Sargent co-chaired a joint NCI-EORTC committee on methodology for tumor marker studies, was a member of the FDA panel on endpoints for colon cancer clinical trials, and from 2007 - 2013 was a member of the US NCI Clinical Trials Advisory Committee, which oversees all NCI funded cancer clinical trials in the United States. He presently serves on the Clinical Trial Design Task force of the NCI’s Investigational Drug Steering Committee. He has published extensively in colorectal cancer treatment, optimal clinical trial endpoints, and prognostic and predictive biomarkers. He leads multiple international data pooling and analysis consortia including ACCENT in adjuvant colon cancer and FLASH in follicular lymphoma as well as the prospective IDEA international pooled analysis testing the duration of therapy in stage III colon cancer. He has authored over 290 peer-reviewed manuscripts, book chapters, editorials, and letters.
    • President-Elect of the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Statistical Association, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Cancer Center Statistics at Mayo Clinic
    Dr. Lindsay A. Renfro is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in the Section of Cancer Center Statistics at Mayo Clinic and President-Elect of the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Statistical Association. Dr. Renfro’s clinical and methodological research interests include prognostic and predictive modeling of cancer patient outcomes, particularly in the area of colorectal cancer. She is an active researcher in both the Adjuvant Colon Cancer Endpoints (ACCENT) group and the Aide et Recherche en Cancérologie Digestive (ARCAD) Foundation, each which contain individual patient data from dozens of major practice-changing clinical trials in early and advanced colorectal cancer, respectively. She has led several collaborative projects in colorectal cancer, including construction and validation of clinical nomograms (calculators) ( for early and late stage disease (Renfro et al., J Natl Cancer Inst, 106:1-9, 2014) analysis of time-dependence of the benefit of oxaliplatin in early stage colon cancer (Shah, Renfro, et al., J Clin Oncol, published online 25 Jan 2016), evaluation of the prognostic effect of body mass index in advanced colorectal cancer (Renfro et al., J Clin Oncol, 34:144-50, 2016), and an international analysis of long-term colon cancer patient survival versus that of a matched general population (Renfro et al., Ann Oncol, 26:950-8, 2015). Dr. Renfro is also a current KL2 scholar, holding an institutional K award from Mayo Clinic’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS) for her career development grant titled “More Efficient, Ethical, and Personalized Clinical Trial Designs in Oncology”
    • Medical Oncology
    • Associate Professor of Medicine at University of British Columbia
    Dr. Sharlene Gill is a medical oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Pharmacy (Honors) and an MD (Doctor of Medicine) from the University of British Columbia in 1996 followed by residencies in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. Dr. Gill subsequently completed a fellowship in Gl Oncology at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) and a Master’s of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, MA) before returning to Vancouver, Canada where she is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and an academic GI oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency. In addition to her medical practice, she is actively involved in education, clinical trials and research. Her areas of expertise are colorectal, pancreatic and hepatobiliary cancers. She is also presently an MBA Candidate at the Kenan-Flagler Business School (University of North Carolina, Class of 2017). Dr. Gill has over 65 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters to her credit.
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