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    Hospitalist At Thomas Jefferson University and Medical Liaison at Jefferson's Digital Technology group, Leader, Entrepreneur, Sports and Food Junkie
    Hospitalist At Thomas Jefferson University and Medical Liaison at Jefferson's Digital Technology group, Leader, Entrepreneur,...

    I am a hospitalist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. I am also a clinical lead at Jefferson's Digital Technologies group that is focused on bridging the gap between clinical medicine and innovation.C I have a strong interest in innovation and leadership in the field of medicine. In the pursuit of these interests, I have held multiple leadership positions such as President of Jefferson's Student Council and CEO of the Community of Health & Innovation Professionals (CHiP) to name a couple, where the sole mission was to revolutionize the medical field for both physicians and their patients. Other interests include being captain of Jefferson's flag football team, Wing Chun kung fu, cooking, and playing bass guitar in a local band. Very interested in networking with anyone who would like to help foster and develop ideas or projects for a better tomorrow, whether that be innovating inside the field of medicine or the individuals affected by it.

  • MD/PhD candidate at Harvard Medical School and MIT
    MD/PhD candidate at Harvard Medical School and MIT
    Rachel Wolfson is an MD/PhD candidate at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is originally from Okemos, Michigan, and graduated from Stanford University in 2011. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in the laboratory of David M. Sabatini, MD/PhD at MIT. For her research, she is studying the regulation of cell growth in response to nutrients, specifically amino acids, using biochemical approaches to characterize proteins involved in the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway. Further, she is interested in understanding the role of deregulation of this pathway in cancer.
  • Co-Founder of Salubris Analytics
    Co-Founder of Salubris Analytics
    Jesús Treviño is a fourth year Harvard Medical School MD student and MIT Sloan graduate (MBA 2014) with a strong research interest in the applications of mobile phone sensors for behavior change services and population health management. He is a co-founder of Salubris Analytics Inc. – a data science and mobile health startup that develops patient engagement software for payers and providers. In addition, he is a resident entrepreneur at the Harvard iLab Venture Incubator Program and a rising PGY-1 for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. Recently, he served as a medical student director for a primary care practice within the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where he led patient recruitment and external provider relations. His past experiences range from translational research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX) to water & energy infrastructure development with Engineers Without Borders (Nicaragua) and operations consulting within the Health Industries Advisory Practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers (Boston, MA). Jesús is from the great state of Texas and studied biochemistry at Rice University (BS 2009). His interests in healthcare include: Emergency Medicine, healthcare systems design and operations, low-tech medical devices for chronic disease management, and health insurance reimbursement policies.
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