About the Discussion

Making Things Better: How to Participate in Quality Improvement Projects and Improve Healthcare Locally

Addressing healthcare systems in your local hospital or department is the initial step in understanding the process of improving delivery of care. Many residency programs are now encouraging or requiring residents to participate in quality improvement (QI) projects.  However, where do you start and how can you make the most of this experience as a resident? Participate in this discussion to get your questions answered by our select panel of experts and see how you can get involved with QI!

Here are some of the questions we plan to address:

  • When during residency should I do a QI project?
  • How do I start a QI project?
  • Should I start my own project or join an existing one?
  • What is the difference between a QI project and research?
  • How can I translate a QI project to patient care in the hospital and make a change?
  • Will a QI project improve my resume?
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