Living with Health Conditions During Medical Training

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Living with Health Conditions During Medical Training

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Approximately 4.6% of US medical students have self-disclosed a health condition, illness or disability (termed here student-patients). Over 90% of these students have conditions that are non-apparent, including psychological conditions and chronic health conditions. Medical student-patients face unique challenges in meeting the demands of medical education, while also navigating stigma and fear of discrimination, and self-disclosure rates amongst medical students remain much lower than that of US undergraduate (11.1%) or graduate programs (7.6%).

Therefore, with our team of experts, we are thrilled to explore how medical schools and residency programs can support student-patients. We will dive into several critical topics, including:

  • Importance of student-patient inclusion
  • Disability disclosure
  • Technical standards
  • Accommodation processes
  • Administrative support
  • Community-building for student-patients
  • Supporting student-patient mental health

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