• Critical Care Medicine
    • Physician at CHU Nantes

    Dr Lascarrou is a full time practitioner at the medical intensive care unit of the university hospital center in Nantes, France. Dr Lascarrou received his medical degree from the University of Nantes at the University Hospital Center in Nantes, France. He conduces several retrospective or prospective trials in the area of cardiac arrest and especially therapeutic hypothermia or targeted temperature management. He has been member of the French Intensive Care Society (FICS/SRLF) since 2008 and of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) since 2018. He is member of the AfterROSC Network ( on cardiac arrest and of the Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis (


    • Intensive Care
    Alain Cariou is Professor of intensive care medicine and therapeutics at Paris Descartes University, and senior physician in the Medical ICU of Cochin University Hospital (APHP) in Paris, France. He is also associate researcher at INSERM, U970 at the Paris Cardiovascular Research Centre (PARCC), in which he is involved in the Sudden Death Expertize Centre. He is an expert in the field of post-resuscitation care as reflected by his past and present clinical research activities regarding early coronary reperfusion and targeted temperature management in this population. He also recently leaded a research program focusing on pharmacological protective effect of erythropoietin analogs in post-cardiac arrest patients.
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