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    Professor of Paediatrics, Head of Infectious Diseases, Director of Clinical Research, Member of the National Bioethics Committee, Hospital del Niño Dr. José Renán Esquivel, Panama City, Panama
    Professor of Paediatrics, Head of Infectious Diseases, Director of Clinical Research, Member of the National Bioethics...
    • Professor of Pediatrics, Chief of the Infectious Disease Department, and Director of Clinical Research at Hospital del Niño

    Xavier Sáez Llorens obtained his medical degree at the University of Panama School of Medicine, and subsequently completed postdoctoral specialisation in Paediatrics (Panama) and infectious diseases (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, USA). Professor Sáez Llorens has been given multiple awards from national and international paediatric societies. Notably, he was distinguished in 1991 (ICAAC, Chicago) by the American Society for Microbiology, as one of the best young investigators in the USA in the field of infectious disease, in 2013 by the National Agency of Science and Technology (Senacyt), as the Panamanian physician with more international publications, and in 2017, by the Gorgas Memorial Institute, as recipient of the William Gorgas medal for outstanding contribution to public health based on numerous high-impact vaccine trials in children. Professor Sáez Llorens is member of many academic associations in paediatrics, infectious disease and clinical research within Panama, Latin America, the USA and Spain. He has published more than 180 articles in foreign and local scientific journals and 45 chapters in reputed infectious disease textbooks. In addition, he is the main editor of 7 medical books, 3 philosophical books and more than 700 newspaper columns on social and political matters. Professor Sáez Llorens is an international consultant of several scientific journals, including The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal and the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. Currently, Xavier Sáez Llorens is Professor of Pediatrics, Chief of the Infectious Disease Department, and Director of Clinical Research at the Hospital del Niño, Distinguished Investigator of the National Research System (Senacyt), member of the National Ethics Committee on Clinical Research in Panama City, Panama, and honorary member of the Catalonian Institute of Biological Sciences.

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    • Clinical Head of the Centre for Clinical Management of Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever(CCMDDHF) at District General Hospital Negombo

    Dr. LakKumar Fernando is a senior Paediatrician with over two decades of experience as a consultant and currently he is also the clinical head of the Centre for Clinical Management of Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (CCMDDHF), Negombo Sri Lanka which is a national center of excellence.  

    The CCMDDHF which is his concept, is world’s first dengue treatment facility that handles both Children and Adults with dengue Dengue under one roof together by a common team of Physicians, Paediatricians and other staff and the centre has received international recognition for its low case fatality rate achieved through improved fluid management. He was responsible for introducing and propagating the routine use of bedside ultrasound scanning to objectively detect fluid leaking to distinguish Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) early as standard of care, and today it has become mandatory standard practice in dengue management all over Sri Lanka. He is a key contributor to Sri Lanka’s different National Guidelines on clinical management of dengue in Children, Adults and in Pregnancy and a contributor to WHO/SEARO comprehensive guideline on dengue(2011). He played a key role in combating dengue in Punjab Pakistan in 2011 through his visits to Pakistan when it faced one of the largest dengue epidemics. The Ashok Foundation of the United States awarded him the Senior Ashok Fellowship in 2012 recognizing his change making role and, the Asia Pacific Paediatric Association (APPA) representing over 25 countries  awarded him the Outstanding Asian Paediatrician award in 2016. In 2018 he received the highest category of ‘Civil Awards of Pakistan’ conferred to any Sri Lankan national from the President of Pakistan, in recognition of the service rendered related to dengue.  He has many publications and presentations both national and international to his credit and is a well-known invited speaker at many international conferences on the disease Dengue.

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    Assistant profesor of pediatrics at Universidad del Valle, scientific director of Centro de Estudios en Infectología Pediátrica and director of pediatric infectious diseases at Centro Médico Imbanaco, in Cali, Colombia
    Assistant profesor of pediatrics at Universidad del Valle, scientific director of Centro de Estudios en Infectología Pediátrica...

    Dr López-Medina completed his residency training in pediatrics at Miami Children´s Hospital and Infectious Diseases Fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He is a candidate for a Masters degree in epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and is completing the Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program from Harvard Medical School. 

    Dr López-Medina is an assistant profesor of pediatrics at Universidad del Valle and the Scientific Director of Centro de Estudios en Infectología Pediatrica, in Cali, Colombia. 

    His main research interests are related to infections in the immunocompromised host and community acquired-vaccine preventible infections, such as dengue, Zika and respiratory infections. 

    Dr López-Medina is the principal investigator, or sub-investigator of clinical vaccine trials in dengue, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and Streptococcus pneumoniae and epidemiological studies of Zika and RSV, as well as several research protocols in immunocompromised hosts. 

    • Clinical Pharmacology
    • Medical Director at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

    Shibadas Biswal, MD, is a medical director at Takeda. In this role, Dr. Biswal helps to lead the clinical development of Takeda’s dengue vaccine candidate, including associated Phase 3 clinical trials. Prior to joining the Takeda team based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Biswal worked for Takeda in Singapore for four years. He has over 10 years of clinical development and medical affairs experience, including roles as a clinical trial leader at Novartis in India and a medical and research specialist at Pfizer. Dr. Biswal completed his medical school education at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) and received his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from the Srirama Chandra Bhanja Medical College & Hospital, both in India.

    • Associate Director, Statistics at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International

    Dr Svetlana Bizjajeva is Associate Director, Statistics, in Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG, Switzerland.

    She has a Master of Biostatistics degree from Hasselt (Diepenbeek) University, Belgium and a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from Lund University, Sweden.

    Svetlana has over 10 years of experience as statistician supporting medical research in government health care providers and clinical research in pharmaceutical companies.

    During her work with data registries in Sweden she contributed to the design of real world data collection and data reporting, for example, Swedish National Hand Surgery Registry. As clinical research statistician she supports vaccines development with statistical aspects of clinical trial design, analyses planning, reporting and vaccine candidates filing with regulatory agencies. She also has experience in real world data generation for drugs targeting rare genetic disorders like Fabry disease or Gaucher disease. Svetlana has experience in applying various statistical methods, including survival analyses and longitudinal data analyses, and either co-authored or provided statistical support to numerous manuscripts (Acta Orthopaedica, Acta Paediatrica, Vaccines, BMC Ophthalmology, Molecular Genetics and Metabolism) and data reports for conferences and congresses (Lysosomal Disease Network, Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism).

    • Director, Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Benefit-Rik, Vaccine Business Unit at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International

    Martina Rauscher is the Global Pharmacovigilance Safety Lead for the Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine Candidate at Takeda’s Vaccine Business Unit since 2015. In this role she leads assessment and oversight of the benefit-risk profile of the candidate vaccine and has been deeply involved in the TIDES trial. Martina Rauscher holds a PhD in Biology (University of Konstanz, Germany) and an MSc in Pharmacovigilance (University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) and has been working in advancing roles in medical writing and drug safety/pharmacovigilance in industry for more than 19 years. Since 2007, she specializes in vaccines. Prior to joining Takeda, she led the safety management activities for three marketed vaccines at Crucell, Switzerland: two travel vaccines and a 5-in-1 childhood vaccine used in low-and middle-income countries. At Johnson & Johnson she worked on the accelerated development of Ebola vaccine. Martina Rauscher actively contributed to the CIOMS Working Group on Vaccine Safety and is a member of ISOP and ISPE.    

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