About the Discussion

Inclusion Criteria, Table 1, and Kaplan-Meier: How to Start and Run a Journal Club

As a busy resident, it can be hard to find time to sleep, eat, and relax, let alone tackle that stack of NEJM issues sitting on your coffee table. But learning to keep up with medical literature is an essential skill, and residency is a great time to start. Many residency programs run journal clubs to help residents learn how to critically analyze and appraise the literature. But what if your program doesn’t have a journal club and you want to start one? Or what if you want to become more active in your residency program’s existing journal club? Join us for a discussion to learn more about how to start, run, or participate in a journal club.

Some questions we hope to answer include:

  • How do I select the right paper for my journal club?
  • Should I ask participants to read the paper in advance?
  • What are the most important sections on which to focus?
  • How do I encourage my co-residents to engage and participate?
  • What are the dos and dont's of successful journal clubs?
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