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How Inequality Kills

This forum talks about health inequity, or, in the blunt words of the subtitle of David A. Ansell's new book, how inequality kills.

"Health Affairs" has devoted its latest issue to pursuing health equity, and we've invited some of its writers to participate here. Dr. Ansell's "The Death Gap" will be another focus of our discussions, and another will be the efforts of organizations like Health Leads to break the link between poverty and illness. You, of course, will come up with other themes to enrich the interplay of ideas.

We can't pretend that health equality is possible, but we do need to come to grips with facts like this: the life expectancy of a person in a Connecticut suburb and that of a rural Mississippian differs by 35 years – and no, there's no decimal between the three and the five.

Join us as we examine this Gordian knot. Its unravelling won't come from the clinic alone.

[A reasonable introduction to the problem can be found in an interview we did with Dr. Ansell earlier this month: podcasts.jwatch.org/index.php/... ]


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