About the Discussion

Getting Started in Clinical Research - So Much Pressure, So Little Guidance…

Many residents are encouraged to participate in research during their training, but have had minimal exposure to the scientific process.  Where do you start?  Resident 360 wants to partner with you in this process!  NEJM is known for publishing high quality research.  Now, we also want to help the next generation of physicians learn the basics of clinical research.

Some topics we plan to cover:

  • Identifying a good research question.  Seems so easy, but this is the most important part of the process and will set you up to fail or succeed.
  • Grant Proposals. Where is there good information on small grants?  NIH grants?  Who should I partner with for larger grants?  What is the timeline?
  • Writing an IRB application.  Every IRB is different, but there are basics that apply to all.  What is an IRB and why are they important?
  • Study Design. How do I find out about all of the different types of study designs, and their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Minimizing Data Frustrations. Spreadsheets, databases, data breaches?!  What is REDCaps?  Who is my LAN?  How can I simplify this process?

A later discussion will cover facing the pressure to present at national meetings or to publish before finishing residency (particularly if you are interested in pursuing a fellowship), one step at a time. 

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