About the Discussion

From Volume to Value: Understanding the Impact of ACOs and New Care Models in Healthcare

Physicians and health systems are increasingly working within new care models which provide incentives for high-value care rather than high-volume care. Accountable Care Organizations--the most common type of new care model--are present in all 50 states and provide care to millions of Americans. How can residents equip themselves to work effectively in these new types of organizations, both during and after training? And how will legislative changes like MACRA or a possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act impact value-based care models and the physicians who practice within them? Join our discussion as we explore how new care models create opportunities for residents and the health system to provide better care at lower cost.

Here are some of the questions we plan to address:

  • How are new care models fundamentally different than our current reimbursement system? Why does this matter?
  • What is different about clinical practice in an ACO or other new care model versus a traditional FFS system?
  • How can residents explore practicing within new care models during residency?
  • How can residents participate in the design of new care models?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of practicing in a new care model?
  • How would a repeal of the Affordable Care Act affect the growth of ACOs and other alternative payment models?
  • What is MACRA and why is it such a big deal for doctors?
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