About the Discussion

Finding a Different Path: Careers in Hospital Administration, Industry, Health IT, Pharma, Journalism, and More

In residency, you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a great clinician. However, your medical training also provides the foundation for other career paths, instead of or in addition to clinical work. You may feel well suited for hospital management, working in the pharmaceutical industry, or starting a medical technology company. Translating your skills to a different field can be daunting and difficult. Participate in this discussion to get answers to your questions from our select panel of experts and begin to navigate the world of alternative career paths.

We plan to address some of the following questions:

  • How do I make my CV appealing to someone from another field?
  • What social networking sites should I use for connecting with people in industry?
  • When is the right time to take an alternative career path?
  • Do I need additional qualifications for other career paths?
  • What experience will I be expected to have when applying for these jobs?
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