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Fascinating Physician: Pediatrics Resident and Start-Up Founder/CEO Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky

Dr. Ostrovsky is a physician and social entrepreneur, creating disruptive technology to better health for vulnerable populations. He specializes in applying Lean Startup Thinking and Design Thinking to discovering social and commercial value of innovations in healthcare. 

He has previously worked in health policy, global health, and clinical research.

His Specialties Include: Lean Startup Thinking, Design Thinking, Customer and Product Development, Quality Improvement, Home and Community-based Services, Readmission reduction, Care coordination, Mobile technology, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Agile Development, Health system strengthening, Incubation at Academic Medical Centers, Fundraising

Dr. Ostrovsky is currently a Senior Resident in Pediatrics in the Urban Health and Advocacy Track of the Boston Children's Hospital and Boston Medical Center Combined Residency Program affiliated with Harvard Medical School and the Boston University School of Medicine. He is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded Care at Hand nearly four years ago with a vision to empower elderly home care workers with mobile technology allowing them to keep better track of their patients and keep up to date with best practices. He is currently CEO of the company.

Dr. Ostrovsky has had social entrepreneurship in the blood from an early age, and in 2009 he founded TWO enterprises. In July 2009 he co-founded, "San Francisco Vital Signs" together with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to provide a platform for collaboration and data sharing in public health. A month earlier he had just founded FutureMD which advised and mentored pre-meds through the medical school application process.

In between, he managed to have time to work at the WHO, The Princeton Review, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and advise a US Senator on health policy. He was a Digital Health Startup Fellow at Rock Health and is currently a Healthcare Transformer at StartUp Health.

How does he manage it all? For the next two weeks he'll gladly tell you. Dr. Ostrovsky will be available here on NEJM Group Open Forum until December 18, so ask away!


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