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Fascinating Physician: Dr. Wen Dombrowski, Aging, Healthcare, Technology, and Social Media Expert

Wen Dombrowski, MD, MBA is a geriatrics physician executive who intersects clinical medicine, technology, business, and policy who is best known for her advocacy for older adults, use of social media (including 20,000+ Twitter followers), her dinners with new and established innovative healthcare leaders, and inside knowledge of on the ground medical technology ecosystems across the US. She is visionary in strategy and operationally gets things done by connecting ideas, people, and resources.

Her clinical expertise focuses on vulnerable populations with complex medical and social needs, including older adults, people with disabilities, patients with life-limiting illnesses, and the urban poor.

She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Clinical Informatics. She was previously Chief Medical Information Officer for a homecare provider, Clinical Informatics Director at a multi-specialty network of community clinics, and Medical Director at a special needs managed care plan for Medicaid-Medicare dual-eligible seniors.

Dr. Dombrowski develops technology, business, and collaborative healthcare solutions to improve the quality of life in vulnerable populations. In addition to working with health systems and clinicians, Dr. Dombrowski advises health tech startups, aging and technology organizations, and other healthcare stakeholders.

She is regularly invited to speak at national and regional conferences about aging, health information technology, social media, and workforce development. She uses social media to foster dialogue between patients, providers, business executives, and technology companies to address the challenges and solutions to healthcare.

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