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Fascinating Physician: Deborah Lindner, CMO of Bright Pink

Deborah Lindner, MD is a Clinical Instructor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University and the Chief Medical Officer of Bright Pink, a nonprofit dedicated to education and support for young women at risk for breast and ovarian cancer. She is a staff physician at Midwest Vein Center in Chicago where her clinical focus is treating varicose veins during and after pregnancy.

Dr Lindner has spoken and published on the subject of breast and ovarian cancer extensively, and last year developed a lecture and case based learning workshop for medical professionals called "Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention: A Practical Approach to Risk Stratification and Management" that has been given at over 28 residency programs nationwide to more than 1200 medical professionals and was published at the San Antonio Breast Consortium in 2014. She is the co-author of the Little Bright Book, an educational resource that has been distributed to over 250,000 physicians and patients.

Dr. Lidner herself underwent a preventive mastectomy at the age of 33 after testing positive for BRCA1 and having seen her mother fight breast cancer. Her full story can be read in her New York Times article, "Cancer Free at 33, but Weighing a Mastectomy."

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