About the Discussion

Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning and Strategies to Learn It and Teach It

As a trainee, observing a senior clinician working through a clinical case, generating hypotheses for the patient's problems, and creating a diagnostic and management plan, can be awe-inspiring. Guiding trainees to develop the cognitive processes to help achieve mastery of clinical reasoning skills is a key goal of training programs in the health professions, but the steps to get there can seem unclear both for the learner and for the teacher. In this discussion, our panel of passionate clinical teachers and scientists will explore the science of developing clinical reasoning skills, the external and internal factors that can help or threaten the acquisition of these skills, and how to apply this knowledge to improve your own clinical reasoning skills and those of trainees that are more junior than you.

Fifteen years after its publication, the 2006 landmark article, "Educational Strategies to Promote Clinical
Diagnostic Reasoning," continues to bestow knowledge and guidance to both teachers and learners of clinical reasoning. Read the annotated PDF here.

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