About the Discussion

Climate and Pandemic Resilience in Health Care

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the vulnerabilities of health care systems in the U.S. to adapt and mobilize resources needed to provide timely, appropriate, and equitable care. Climate change adds stressors such as wildfires, super storms, and heat waves that further test our capacity. It is critical that we build resilient health care systems, able to respond effectively in times of crisis. NEJM Resident 360 has invited a panel of experts to help educate and empower health care professionals to navigate these dual crises, advocate for change in our institutions, and build regional connections and community.

Some topics we will cover:

  • Education/Curriculum Reform
  • Disaster Resilience for Pandemics and Climate-Related Events
  • Reducing Health Care Sector Emissions and Waste
  • Sustainable/Resilient Food Systems
  • Advocacy for Healthcare Professionals
  • Community Partnerships for Climate/Pandemic Resilience
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