About the Discussion

Care, Cost, and Choice: How to Deliver High-Value Care

As a resident, you are on the front lines of patient care. You are in the hospital overnight admitting new patients, starting their diagnostic workups and initiating important treatments. It sometimes feels like there are an unlimited number of tests to order and treatments to prescribe. But we are training in an environment where health care costs are continuing to rise, and we are being asked to think more critically about the costs of our care. How can you learn how to practice high-value care, especially as a trainee? Come engage in a conversation with expert faculty and fellow residents about this important movement.

Some questions we plan to answer include:

  • What is high-value care? 
  • What are some tips to think about the tests and treatments that patients don’t  need, rather than only what they do need?
  • What resources are available to learn more about the costs and value of health care?
  • How can I begin a project at my hospital around high-value care?
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