About the Discussion

Care at the Front Line: Applying for Jobs in Primary Care

Time flies — residency is almost over! Are you planning a career in primary care? If so, you may have already started thinking about applying for your first job as a primary care doctor. For many of you, this might be your first time signing a contract or negotiating benefits. Jobs in primary care vary widely by city and practice setting, and you need to find the job that is right for you! Where do you start? Come participate in this discussion to get your questions answered by our select panel of experts and navigate the world of primary care. (Please note: Discussion experts are from primary care centers in the United States, and the advice they give will be based on their experience. However, we encourage international participation.) 

Some questions we plan to answer:

  • When should I start applying to primary care jobs?
  • What questions should I ask about the practice before I join?
  • How do I decide between community jobs, academic jobs, and private practice?
  • When is the right time to ask about the logistics of the coverage schedule, salary, and benefits?
  • Should I negotiate? If so, how?
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