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Beyond the Hospital: Public and Community Health in Your Training and Career

In medical school and residency, we train to practice medicine within the walls of the hospital and clinic. But it is impossible to ignore the factors that influence our patients' health and health care outside these walls. Many physicians take interest in population and community health, and many choose to pursue a Master's degree in public health (MPH) during their training.

Are you planning to include public or community health in your career? NEJM Resident 360 has convened a panel of physician experts to answer your questions. Some examples:

  • How is my medical training most valuable to public health? By partnering with community organizations, city or state health departments? By pursuing research in an academic environment?
  • I see many primary care doctors getting involved in community health – how can I get involved if I plan to specialize?
  • Do I need to get an MPH? What are the benefits of this additional training?
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