About the Discussion

Beyond Classrooms and Clerkships: Maximizing Your Time as a Medical Student

As a student, days and weeks can merge as you run back and forth from home to the classroom or the hospital. You’re working hard to earn the title of Doctor, but what can you do to make sure you’re making the most of your time before residency? Although studying takes up much of your time, it’s worth making time for other activities if you are interested in teaching, volunteering, or research. Join NEJM Resident 360 for a discussion intended to help medical students explore how to balance studying and other activities while in medical school.

Topics we plan to discuss include:

  • How to find the right balance between studying and other activities?
  • Should I get involved in research, volunteering, or teaching with my busy schedule?
  • If I am interested in volunteer work, can I use my new skills and add value as a medical student?
  • How can I build teaching skills as a medical student?
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