About the Discussion

Ask the Experts: General Surgery

Despite completing a surgery rotation in medical school, many surgical and nonsurgical trainees still have daily questions that arise about initial evaluation, surgical technique and skill building, and principles of early recovery. We invite you to bring tough questions to this discussion and get answers from experts who know their stuff!  If you can’t imagine anywhere better than the “hot lights and cold steel” of the OR, join us for another installment of our Ask the Experts series to get advice about residency and career choices, pathways to surgery, and future frontiers.

Some possible topics include:

  • What is the most useful piece of advice for medical students interested in surgery? 
  • What is the most important lesson learned in residency about being a good surgeon
  • Is the field of general surgery slowly dying as we parse off into more subspecialty tracks?
  • Will the future of surgery be man or machine? 

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