• Rising MS4 at Yale School of Medicine from Canada interested in heme/onc and palliative care. she/her/hers

    • Primary Care
    • internal medicine
    • Basic Research
    • Family Medicine
    • Operations Management
    • Biotechnology
    MS2 and Biotech Consultant 
    MS2 and Biotech Consultant 

    I am a Second-Year medical school student; I have been inspired to work in the healthcare industry as a primary care physician driven by my passion to integrate my love of science and the gratification of helping others to lead healthier lives and prevent illness. Experiencing health disparities firsthand opened my eyes and I cannot wait to make an impact in the future.

    After graduating from college, I worked at Harvard Medical School as a Research Fellow on Xenotransplantation using CRISPR-Cas9, two years later I became the Research Laboratory Manager of the same team at eGenesis, Inc. where our mission was to create a world with no shortage of human transplantable organs. After working in the gene-editing industry for about 5 years and Co-First authoring our publications in Science. I took on a new role at AVROBIO, Inc. as PreClinical Research Operations Manager where I got to use both my scientific skills as well as my managerial skills in a public company. I am currently consulting in biotech companies with missions to advance gene and cell therapy.

    I have worked diligently to secure multiple research and operations opportunities to further my understanding and passion for the biotechnology and medical industries including Clinical Research with BWH with Genomes2People group. Being a healthcare provider will grant me the ability to cure patients using cutting-edge research advances and more importantly provide me the opportunity to care and help patients and their families which ultimately brings me joy and satisfaction. I love to draw, mentor students, or newbies in the biotech field, and spend time with my lovely family and friends.

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