About the Discussion

Applying and Interviewing for Residency

Throughout the past year, you've explored many future careers during your rotations. Month by month, you were a surgeon, then a dermatologist, then a pediatrician. But now it's time to prepare yourself for residency applications and plan for a career in your chosen specialty. Most medical students have questions about the residency application process, so NEJM Resident 360 is here to help! We've invited experts, including program directors from different specialties and around the country, to answer your questions.

Some topics we plan to cover:

  • What criteria should I consider when applying to residency programs?
  • What will make me stand out on interview day?
  • What questions should I ask during my interviews?
  • What can I do if I don't get an interview offer at my top program?
  • How does the residency interview process differ from medical school interviews?
  • What makes a good resident?
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