About the Discussion

Abstracts, Posters, Publications: Presenting Your Research

Well done! You have collected your data and formulated your results.  Now you want to present your conclusions to the medical community. How do you share your work with others? Learning how to design a poster and deliver an oral presentation is an important step in the research process. Writing a manuscript and submitting it to journals can be daunting. Where should you publish your research? Does impact factor matter? Experts from NEJM Resident 360 will help answer your questions on how to present and publish your research.

We hope to explore the following questions:

  • What format should I use to create a high impact poster?
  • How do I write an abstract that will be accepted at a conference?
  • When do I start outlining my manuscript?
  • How do I choose the right journal for my submission?
  • How do I use reviewer comments to improve my paper?
  • Where can I find tips on how to give an effective presentation?
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