Curbside Consults Podcast

By Clement Lee, MD, MSc

Published July 20, 2022

In this episode of Curbside Consults, we examine the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We are joined by Dr. Kimberly Workowski, a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Emory, and one of the guideline authors.

00:05 – Intro
00:35 – Cases of STIs increased during COVID
03:18 – CDC guideline process
08:15 – Gonorrhea epidemiology and resistance
09:29 – New gonorrhea treatment recommendation
11:52 – New chlamydia treatment recommendation
13:39 – New trichomonas treatment recommendation
14:57 – Mycoplasma genitalium presentation
18:20 – Mycoplasma genitalium treatment algorithm
19:27 – New pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) treatment recommendation
21:17 – STI prophylaxis after sexual assault
22:46 – Concluding remarks on congenital syphilis

Articles discussed in this episode:

1. Workowski KA et al. Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Guidelines, 2021. MMWR Recomm Rep 2021.
2. Dombrowski JC et al. Doxycycline Versus Azithromycin for the Treatment of Rectal Chlamydia in Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Clin Infect Dis 2021.
3. Howe K and Kissinger PJ. Single-Dose Compared With Multidose Metronidazole for the Treatment of Trichomoniasis in Women: A Meta-Analysis. Sex Transm Dis 2017.
4. Wiesenfeld HC et al. A Randomized Controlled Trial of Ceftriaxone and Doxycycline, With or Without Metronidazole, for the Treatment of Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Clin Infect Dis 2021.

The Curbside Consults series complements the foundational information in Rotation Prep by taking a deep dive into key clinical topics with expert clinicians and educators. These podcasts explore and critique the evidence behind clinical practice and break down statistical concepts for the busy clinical trainee.

Kimberly Workowski, MD, is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Emory.
Clement Lee, MD, MSc, is a 2021–2022 NEJM Editorial Fellow. He is currently an internal medicine hospitalist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a pediatric hospitalist at Lowell General Hospital. He completed his internal medicine-pediatrics residency at Penn-CHOP.