Contribute to "The House" Podcast


Healthcare played a major role in the US election. As the new administration takes place, some are celebrating the transition, and others are concerned. We want to hear from residents around the country regarding the potential implications for the practice of medicine.  How do you think the new administration will influence your practice and interaction with your patients? Have you had questions from patients related to anticipated changes? Are you concerned about the ACA repeal? 

We would like to include you in an upcoming "The House" podcast. Contact us by email to share your story, and we will make arrangements for an audio recording or interview.

“The House” is a podcast that reflects medicine’s most pressing issues through the eyes of residents, providing a forum for physicians-in-training to share their stories from the bedside, where they are learning far more than the lessons of clinical medicine.  Previous "The House" podcasts include Resident Burnout and Resident Work Hours