Beyond Journal Club Podcast from Core IM

Published December 6, 2023

In community-acquired pneumonia, can steroids improve mortality? Past studies of steroids in CAP have been conflicting, with some showing a mortality benefit and others showing no difference. How does the CAPE COD trial change how we think about patients hospitalized with severe CAP? To find out, tune into the third episode of Beyond Journal Club, a new series brought to you by Core IM in collaboration with NEJM Group.

01:50 – Pathophysiology of Steroids and Infection
03:50 – Steroids in PNA Studies
08:56 – CAPE COD Trial
14:13 – Discussion of CAPE COD Trial
18:36 – Takeaways/Discussion

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Beyond Journal Club is a new collaboration between Core IM and NEJM Group where we put the results of clinical trials into context. We tell the story of how we arrived at the current standard of care, appreciate the clinical question of the trial at hand, and interpret what the findings may mean for this patient population.

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